Nuance Workshop "Delivering the future of spoken language applications"

Monday, March 26, 2012
Location: Room-G
Presenter: Dr. Andrew Breen, Director of Speech Synthesis Innovation, Nuance


The way people communicate and consume information is changing. Social networks are now an integral part of people's lives. Individuals are as likely to ask a question about a product or service through their social network as they are to go to a company's official site or call a customer care number. The millennium generation no longer prefers to talk with human agents, and they are impatient with automated services that don't meet their needs rapidly, accurately and consistently. Furthermore they expect to be able to access information anywhere, at any time and in a manner of their choosing. Nuance is at the forefront of developing products designed to meet these demands.

The presentations in this workshop will provide an overview of the technology and products currently being developed by Nuance. They will highlight how Nuance is building on its traditional strengths in speech and natural language technologies by creating applications which leverage advanced intelligent systems and integrated multi-modality. They will also provide a vision of how our lives will be changed by such innovative products in the near future receive a return email of your registration status.

About the Presenter:

Dr Breen has been with Nuance since 2001. During this time he has been responsible for the research & development of many Nuance Text-to-Speech products, and is currently Director of Speech Synthesis Innovation in Nuance. Before joining Nuance, Dr Breen was a research manager at BT research labs and following this, a senior lecture at the University of East Anglia. He has worked on a wide range of speech technologies including speech recognition, synthesis, multi-modal dialogue design and virtual agents. Dr Breen holds a BSc. in Physics with Computing Physics from University College Swansea, an MSc. (Eng.) from Liverpool University, and a PhD from University College London. He is a Member Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

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