Technical Program

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Sunday, March 25
13:30 - 16:30
Tutorial: T1: The Voice Behind the Speech: Speaker States, Traits, and Vocal Behavior Room G
Tutorial: T2: Speech Modeling and Enhancement Using Diffusion Maps Room C-2
Tutorial: T3: Signal Processing Meets Network Layers: Joint Protocol-Channel Decoding Room H
Tutorial: T4: Learning in the Context of Set Theoretic Estimation: An Efficient and Unifying Framework for Adaptive Machine Learning and Signal Processing Room J
Tutorial: T5: Introduction to Business Analytics Room K
Workshop: SpeechOcean Room G
Monday, March 26
09:30 - 12:30
Tutorial: T6: Reverberant Speech Processing for Human Communication and Automatic Speech Recognition Room C-2
Tutorial: T7: Distributed Data Fusion for Interactive Cognitive Environments Room H
Tutorial: T8: Very Large MIMO Systems Room C-1
Tutorial: T9: Deep Learning and Its Applications in Signal Processing Room D
Tutorial: T13: Biological Signal Processing and Molecular Network Informatics Room K
09:30 - 17:00
Workshop: Mathworks Room I
Workshop: Texas Instruments Room F
14:00 - 17:00
Tutorial: T11: Convex and Non-convex Approaches for Low-dimensional Models Room C-2
Tutorial: T12: Bio-Inspired Cognition, Adaptation, and Learning over Networks Room H
Tutorial: T10: Bayesian Learning for Speech and Language Processing Room D
Tutorial: T14: Fourier and Wavelet Signal Processing: Teaching SP with Geometry Room C-1
Tutorial: T15: 3D Video Coding & Distribution Room K
Workshop: Nuance Room G
17:30 - 19:30
Welcome Reception Sakura, Swan, Main Lounge, Cocktail Lounge
Tuesday, March 27
09:30 - 11:30
Opening Ceremony, Awards Ceremony Main Hall
11:30 - 12:30
Plenary: Karlheinz Brandenburg (Technische Universitat Ilmenau, Germany): Audio and Acoustics Signal Processing: the Quest for High Fidelity continues Main Hall
14:00 - 16:00
SP-L1: Speech Analysis I Room B-1
AASP-L1: Loudspeaker and Microphone Array Signal Processing Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L1: Resource-aware design of multiple radar systems Room E
IVMSP-L1: Image Coding Room D
SPCOM-L1: Beamforming and MIMO Room C-1
SPTM-L1: Detection Theory and Methods Room C-2
SP-P1: Speaker ID I Poster Area A
SP-P2: Machine Learning and Acoustic Modeling Poster Area B
AASP-P1: Perception and Echo Cancellation Poster Area C
SLP-P1: Language Modeling Poster Area D
IVMSP-P1: Video Segmentation and Tracking Poster Area E
SPCOM-P1: Distributed Optimization and Resource Allocation Poster Area F
SPTM-P1: Joint SPTM/SPCOM Session: Sampling, Sparsity and Reconstruction I Poster Area G
BISP-P1: Biomedical Signal Processing I Poster Area H
16:30 - 18:30
SP-L2: Speech Synthesis I Room B-1
AASP-L2: Echo Cancellation Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L2: Distributed Transmit Beamforming Room E
IVMSP-L2: Depth Estimation Room D
SPCOM-L2: Resource Allocation and Interference Management Room C-1
SPTM-L2: Adaptive Filtering Room C-2
SP-P3: Adaptation in ASR Poster Area A
MLSP-P1: Applications in Audio and Speech Processing Poster Area B
AASP-P2: Loudspeaker and Microphone Array Signal Processing Poster Area C
IVMSP-P2: Image and Video Retrieval Poster Area D
IVMSP-P3: Image Denoising, Restoration, and Enhancement Poster Area E
SPCOM-P2: Sampling, Coding and Modulation Poster Area F
SPTM-P2: Filter Banks and Filter Design Poster Area G
IFS-P1: Watermarking and data hiding Poster Area H
Wednesday, March 28
09:00 - 10:00
Plenary: Chin-Hui Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA): From Signal Processing to Information Extraction of Speech: A New Perspective on Automatic Speech Recognition Main Hall
10:30 - 12:30
Special Session: SS-L3: Large-Scale Optimization for Signal Processing and Speech Recognition Room B-1
SLP-L1: Speech Translation Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L4: Controlled Sensing for Inference Room E
IVMSP-L3: Video Coding I Room D
SPCOM-L3: Sensor Networks Room C-1
SPTM-L3: Compressed Sensing and Sparsity I Room C-2
SP-P4: Speaker ID II Poster Area A
SP-P5: LVCSR Poster Area B
AASP-P3: Source Separation Poster Area C
MMSP-P1: Multimedia Communication and Networking Poster Area D
IVMSP-P4: Image Filtering Poster Area E
SPCOM-P3: Communication Systems I Poster Area F
SPTM-P3: Estimation Methods and Performance Bounds Poster Area G
BISP-P2: Electro- and magnetoencephalography Poster Area H
ST-1.1: Simple approach to assessing penile endothelial function in young individuals Annex Hall
ST-1.2: Multiscale Entropy Analysis of Pulse Wave Velocity for Assessing Atherosclerosis Annex Hall
14:00 - 16:00
SP-L3: Speech Enhancement I Room B-1
AASP-L3: Source Separation: Music and Speech Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L5: Digitally Enhanced Analog Systems Room E
IVMSP-L4: Interpolation and Super-resolution Room D
SPCOM-L4: Sparse Signal Processing for Communications and Networking Room C-1
SPTM-L4: Compressed Sensing and Sparsity II Room C-2
SP-P6: Speech Analysis II Poster Area A
MLSP-P2: Learning Theory Poster Area B
AASP-P4: Noise Reduction and Source Separation Poster Area C
SLP-P2: Spoken Language Understanding Poster Area D
IVMSP-P5: Image Segmentation and Quality Assessment Poster Area E
SAM-P1: Applications of Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Poster Area F
SPTM-P4: Adaptive Filtering and Nonlinear Systems Poster Area G
IFS-P2: Multimedia identification and authentication Poster Area H
ST-2.1: Compressed Sensing Prototype for Flexible Wireless System Annex Hall
ST-2.3: Configurable 3D Audio and Music Annex Hall
16:30 - 18:30
SP-L4: Speech Enhancement II Room B-1
AASP-L4: Music: Classification and Recognition Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L6: Analog Implementation Issues of Analog to Information Systems Room E
IVMSP-L5: Image Segmentation Room D
SPCOM-L5: Relay Networks Room C-1
DISPS-L1: Parallel and embedded signal processing systems Room C-2
SP-P7: Speech Synthesis II Poster Area A
MLSP-P3: Classification and Clustering Poster Area B
ITT-P1: Technology to Practice for Signal Processing Poster Area C
SLP-P3: Paralinguistic, Nonlinguistic Information and Data Mining Poster Area D
IVMSP-P6: Video Coding II Poster Area E
SPCOM-P4: Social Networks, Smart Grid and Other Emerging Applications Poster Area F
SPTM-P5: Compressed Sensing and Sparsity III Poster Area G
IFS-P3: Biometrics and network security Poster Area H
19:00 - 21:30
Banquet Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto 
Thursday, March 29
09:00 - 10:00
Plenary: Stephane Mallat (Ecole Polytechnique, France): Can Signal Classification Speak Mathematics? Main Hall
10:30 - 12:30
SP-L5: Acoustic Modeling I Room B-1
MLSP-L1: Blind Signal Separation and Matrix Factorizations Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L7: Signal and Information Processing for 'Big Data' Room E
IVMSP-L6: Image Analysis I Room D
SAM-L1: Signal Separation Room C-1
MMSP-L1: Multimedia Security and Forensics Room C-2
SP-P8: Speech Enhancement III Poster Area A
SP-P9: Pitch, Prosody, and Voice Quality Poster Area B
SPED-P1: Signal Processing Education Poster Area C
DISPS-P1: Communication, error correction, and navigation systems Poster Area D
IVMSP-P7: Remote Sensing Poster Area E
SPCOM-P5: Cognitive Radio and Sensor Networks Poster Area F
SPTM-P6: Joint SPTM/SPCOM Session: Sampling Sparsity and Reconstruction II Poster Area G
SAM-P2: DOA Estimation and Beamforming Poster Area H
ST-3.1: Real-Time Noise Reduction for Dual-Microphone Mobile Phones Annex Hall
ST-3.2: Real-time audio-visual meeting recognition and understanding using distant microphone array Annex Hall
ST-3.3: A Microphone Array for Tablet Computers and Smart Phones Annex Hall
13:00 - 16:00
Workshop: ICASSP2012 Room I
14:00 - 16:00
SP-L6: Robust ASR I Room B-1
SLP-L2: Spoken and Multimodal Dialog Systems and Applications Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L8: Learning with Music Signal Room E
IVMSP-L7: Image Enhancement Room D
SAM-L2: Detection and Estimation Room C-1
ITT-L1: Emerging Applications and Industry Technologies Room C-2
SP-P10: Speech Enhancement IV Poster Area A
MLSP-P4: Learning Theory and Models Poster Area B
AASP-P5: Audio Analysis and Synthesis Poster Area C
MMSP-P2: Multimedia Recognition, Search, and Retrieval Poster Area D
IVMSP-P8: Image Resizing and Reconstruction Poster Area E
SPCOM-P6: Communication Systems II Poster Area F
SPTM-P7: Signal and System Modeling and Estimation I Poster Area G
BISP-P3: Biomedical Image Processing Poster Area H
ST-4.1: Haptic Voice Recognition: A Robust Multimodal Interface for Mobile Devices Annex Hall
ST-4.2: Hanna's tourist guide for Kyoto Annex Hall
ST-4.3: Network-based Speech-to-Speech Translation for Multiparty Chat Annex Hall
16:30 - 18:30
SP-L7: Acoustic Modeling III Room B-1
AASP-L5: Source Separation and Signal Enhancement Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L9: Advances in singing-voice synthesis, transformation, and application Room E
IFS-L1: Multimedia forensics Room D
SAM-L3: MIMO Radar Room C-1
SPTM-L5: Estimation Methods and Applications I Room C-2
SP-P11: Robust ASR II Poster Area A
MLSP-P5: Bayesian, Information-theoretic and Graphical Learning Poster Area B
AASP-P6: Spatial Audio and Audio Coding Poster Area C
MMSP-P3: Audiovisual and Multimodal Processing Poster Area D
IVMSP-P9: Feature Extraction and Analysis Poster Area E
SPCOM-P7: Joint SPCOM/SAM Session: Communication Networks Poster Area F
SPTM-P8: Joint SPTM/SPCOM Session: Adaptive Filtering Poster Area G
BISP-P4: Biomedical Signal Processing II Poster Area H
Friday, March 30
09:00 - 10:00
Plenary: Mitsuo Kawato (ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, Japan): Computational Neuroscience, Brain Decoding and Neurofeedback Main Hall
10:30 - 12:30
SP-L8: Alternative ASR Methods Room B-1
MLSP-L2: Learning Theory Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L10: Analysis Sparsity Room E
IFS-L2: Watermarking Room D
SAM-L4: Joint SAM/SPCOM Session: Relay-Assisted Communication Room C-1
SPTM-L6: Classification and Pattern Recognition Room C-2
SP-P12: Acoustic Modeling II Poster Area A
SP-P13: Speaker Verification Poster Area B
AASP-P7: Music: Classification and Recognition Poster Area C
SLP-P4: Speech Retrieval Poster Area D
IVMSP-P10: Image and Video Coding and Transmission Poster Area E
SAM-P3: Source Localization and Tracking Poster Area F
SPTM-P9: Sampling and Reconstruction Poster Area G
DISPS-P2: Algorithm and architecture optimization for signal processing Poster Area H
14:00 - 16:00
SP-L9: Speaker Diarization Room B-1
MLSP-L3: Applications in Audio, Speech, and Image Processing Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L11: Signal-Processing Challenges and Opportunities in Depth Cameras Room E
IVMSP-L8: Image Feature Extraction Room D
BISP-L1: Biomedical Imaging Room C-1
MMSP-L2: Joint Audio Visual Processing Room C-2
SP-P14: General Topics in Speech Recognition Poster Area A
MLSP-P6: Applications in Image Processing and Biomedicine Poster Area B
AASP-P8: Content Analysis for Music, Multimedia, and Medicine Poster Area C
IVMSP-P11: Image and Video Analysis, Processing, and Recognition Poster Area D
IVMSP-P12: 3-D Processing and Coding Poster Area E
SAM-P4: Sensor Networks and Distributed Estimation Poster Area F
SPTM-P10: Estimation Methods and Applications II Poster Area G
SPTM-P11: Signal and System Modeling and Estimation II Poster Area H
16:30 - 18:30
SP-L10: Weighted Finite-State Transducers Room B-1
AASP-L6: Music: Transcription, Separation and Transformations Room B-2
Special Session: SS-L12: Ray and Sound Reproducing in 3D Space Room E
IVMSP-L9: Visual Search and Annotation Room D
BISP-L2: Biomedical Signal Processing Room C-1
SPTM-L7: Time-Frequency Analysis and Applications Room C-2
SP-P15: Multilingual ASR and Language ID Poster Area A
SP-P16: Robust Speech Processing and Confidence Measures Poster Area B
AASP-P9: Room Acoustics and Acoustic System Modeling Poster Area C
IVMSP-P13: Motion Estimation, Registration, and Tracking Poster Area D
IVMSP-P14: Image and Video Modeling, Biometrics, and Applications Poster Area E
SAM-P5: Joint SAM/SPTM Session: Compressed Sensing and Sparse Signal Modeling Poster Area F
SPTM-P12: Detection and Estimation Theory and Methods Poster Area G